It's our November Update and there's great produce available!

11/9/2016  By Eric Patrick

Welcome to our November 2016 update. We have a lot of great products available and it's peak of the season for several items including apples and pears. Apples are currently available from Washington and the Pacific Northwest, as well as Canada on several varieties.

It is also the start of the California Navel Orange season, harvest is in process and the Airdrome Orchards product we represent starts packing the week of November 14th, you know this product well as it is a consistent pack that you don't have to worry about.

See our newsletter for details on several more items, and as always feel free to call us.

We are also announcing the opening of 'The Hunt - A Marketing Agency.' After numerous years of doing business for several companies, we decided it was time to give this effort its own place. You can find that side of our business at The Hunt.

What else is new? We enjoyed our time at this year's PMA's Fresh Summit in Orlando, FL. It was a busy weekend, and we enjoyed catching up with all of our partner suppliers from both the U.S. and abroad. We also had exciting meetings with our Grant J. Hunt South division that focuses on vegetables and there was a ton of interest for partnerships with Tajin Seasonings as well.

 Thanksgiving and the holidays are right around the corner. We wish you the best of the season!


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